Water Safety so important!

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Irish Water Safety classes take place in Riversdale Swimming pool, Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim every Summer

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Swim Teachers know all about how drawn kids are to water – a natural curiosity that also draws an eager smile across their faces as they prepare for swim class.
But there is more for kids to learn beyond swimming – and any qualified swim teacher can now add these lifesaving water survival skills to their swimming class.
Swim Teachers have already started to run Irish Water Safety’s new “Junior Lifeguard Programme” at pools and leisure centres nationwide. If your kids are taking swimming lessons then ask their Swim Teachers to check out www.juniorlifeguard.ie and soon kids in your care could be learning extra survival skills that will help to keep them safe in water.
Steve Ross of Complete Leisure Supplies (pictured here with Irish Water Safety’s Roger Sweeney) and his team is kindly distributing information about our programme to hundreds of facilities they regularly visit nationwide so if you are a Swim Teacher look out for further details at your pool – together we can encourage kids to be safe in and around water.
www.juniorlifeguard.ie – providing Swim Teachers with material to complement their swimming class.

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